Sunday, June 10, 2001

Hello and welcome! This is my first post to my first website. My name is George. You might know me as The President of the United States of America. In the coming days I will post what I did on that day. Shall we get started..

Today is June 10th. Nothing unusual happened until after breakfast. At around 9 AM, after a long day of work, I retired to my bedroom and went to watch the Texas Rangers game. You know what? The cable was out. I called for one of my White House labor-people and asked them why it was out. They told me that the cable company was experiencing "problems." "Problems?," I said. "Hell, I've got problems... big ones... not all of them are Laura, Jenna, and Barbara either, and I'm the Presidant for moo'in out loud!" My yelling alerted the Secret Service and I had to go through one of my little time out drills and pop one of those perty pills Doc' 'scribed me. I decided to just forget the game and call Alex Rodriguez for the play by play after I woke up.

About 4 in the afternoon one of my staff, uh.. Bill? or maybe Flint? whatever, his name ain't not important. Anyway this guy tells me I should get ready for my big trip tomorrow. "It's not that old frog Larry King is it?" Apparently, I'ma going to Europe tomorrow. I went to pack for the trip. When Dick saw that I was planning to wear my Texas Cowboy hat with my suit tomorrow, he told me something of which I hadded no idea of. "Europe doesn't like you, George," Cheney said to me. "You're going to have to wear your "president face" over there. "Aw hell, Dick, it hurts me trying to look smart. It's so fisically draining."

Better get some sleep for the trip tomorrow, I've got an awfull lot of smoozin' to do on them Euros. Oh tomorrow Tim McVeigh is executed. Man, that brings back memories. Back when I was the gov o ner of Texas I signed my share of execution orders. Yep, I distinctly remember my last of em before becoming Presidant. Her name was Wilma Johnson. People thought she was a sweet old innocent lady but I knew better. It was kinda emocinall to sign that order, knowing it would be my last as gov o ner. Tears fell from my eyes as I signed the old George W. on the line. Well, that will teach he to jaywalk. .... I hope Air Force One has the closed-cirqet broadcast from Terre Haute. Oh boy, chow time. Till later.